Thursday, January 3, 2008

Week 17 In Pictures Captions

Ed. Note: I don't care how LT spells his name.


Christmas Ape said...

Leitch is engorged

the great bambi said...

wow...a sign that says "8-8 we'll take it"???

Long live the Buzzsaw

Matt said...

Random Buzzsaw related question:

What are the odds that Leinart and Urlacher tag teamed Paris Hilton AND that Leinart cried the rest of the night?

shouldBworkin said...

Where do you find those pics.
Shit, best week in captions yet. +10

Phony Gwynn said...



Pemulis said...

romeo crennel as princess leia is giving me a monster chubby

futuremrsrickankiel said...

"Maybe WE should kiss. To break the tension."

-- Jeff Fisher

dickey simpkins said...

There is no hope for Cleveland. Also, these word verifications are starting to look like Hebrew.

smurphette said...

I come for the Philip Rivers haterade, but I stay for the Buzzsaw and Star Wars jokes.

Sorgi's Sideline Receiver said...

I can see Lil' Ronnie in the stands and he is not pleased after that loss. He's gonna water pistol whip the next 12 year old ho he sees.

BaCsonkaDonk said...

As a Dolphins fan, I think I've gone through each of the five stages of grief this season.

Denial-The first few games of the season, most of which were pretty close. "Hey, we're hanging in there. We could pull this out."
Anger-The first Pats game. "49-7 at the half? Are you fucking kidding me?"
Bargaining-Brady Bounty. 'Nuff said.
Depression-The second Jets game. "Fuck. We're getting blown out at home by the fucking Jets. We're really going to go 0-16. It's really going to happen."
Acceptance-The Ravens game and the hiring of Parcells. "Oh, well. There's always next year. And hey, we got the Tuna."

Christ, I miss the days when going 9-7 and losing in the wild card round was a letdown.