Tuesday, February 13, 2007

KSK Clip Show: The Best Of Big Daddy Drew

You’ll have to forgive the housekeeping post, but since the season is over I wanted to make a post that linked to my favorite shit during the season. Some of this shit is obvious, some is stuff that amuses me and no one else. If you haven’t read any of these, well then you’re just a fucker now, aren’t you?

PS – I know this list is long. Fuck you. These posts are my children. My very deformed, retarded children. So suck my peepee.

The original Rex Grossman post

The Eli Manning post

I pray to Jesus to kill Brandon Jacobs

The 2006 Drinking and Drugging Preview

Photos of my beer gut (Ladies, this post is not safe for panties)

The original Bill Simmons rant (where I call him a fucktard and Malcolm Gladwell comments)

Bitter Peyton Manning

Peter King gay porn

The Lupica parody

The Easterbrook parody

Mile high airlines

The Eagles fan guide to projectile weaponry

Your KSK Xmas guide and Thanksgiving guide

The OJ parody (the one where I poop in Tupperware)

In defense of really fucking old QB’s

Awkwardness with Brian Griese and Damien Woody

The world’s fucking awesomest pregame playlist

You can be a Hall of Famer!

Willie Roaf is a bastard

Why the NFL is the greatest thing ever

The Vikings bye week itinerary

I think I had a heart attack

And there’s your clip show. I dare you to find a better conpendium of football-related dick jokes. In terms of bodies of work, this one rates a solid Stacy Kiebler.

Meast of the Year vote later this week.


Otto Man said...

Someone better keep a close eye on Clint. All this Drew in one place might be too much for him to handle.

bf9 said...

How did "Firing You Was Especially Hard On Me, Jim" not make this list?

bf9 said...

How did "Firing You Was Especially Hard On Me, Jim" not make this list?

jackin'4beats said...

I haven't even read this post yet and it's got to be the best ever. That picture of Stacy Keibler is outstanding.

That picture definitely has a ZZ Top meets Basic Instinct reference in there somewhere.

Signal to Noise said...

An easy to reference post with all the highlights, plus Stacy Keibler (yum).

Big Daddy Drew said...

bf9, I added it and then took it off. Stupid.

The Brian Billick post is here

Anonymous said...

If a pic is from toplesscelebs.net, shouldn't the celeb actually be topless?

king of the herculoids said...

pretty sure that my girlfriend just walked in to the stacy pic, pretty sure i don't care, and pretty sure i just skipped class remembering these

Trader Rick said...

I think I will read my girlfriend selected BDD postings tomorrow to show her how much she means to me. Maybe I'll light some candles to make it all special-like.

"I love this man. I love him I love him I love him..."

king of the herculoids said...

i bet yours allows more than mine does

MyBoysAreMyLife said...

BDD is you don't mind, I have just compiled the whole selection in an 80+ page document for my bathroom readings.

I can cease and desist and destroy all copies if so instructed.

Thanks for the gold.

From the other side of town said...

Kissing Suzy Kolber featuring
Big Daddy Drew

Unknown said...


comment as you find pleasing

MDG said...

Next time put the picture of Stacy at the begining.

Signal to Noise said...

That brand of cookie was always a favorite when I was a kid.

Clearly Stacy shows me that the quality of the Keibler name has not faltered over the years. I'd go for her Soft Batch anyday.

jackin'4beats said...

I'd show Stacy my "O" face any day of the week and 10 times over the weekend.

Mevs said...

Drew, even your fingers are chubby