Thursday, September 14, 2006

Merrill Hoge Should Probably Not Be an NFL GM

So, okay. The draft was several months ago, but some things take a while to rise up the YouTube ladder of awareness.

Disclaimer: I try not to bash ESPN, because -- unlike most sports bloggers who criticize the Worldwide Leader -- I would happily and unabashedly leave the truthy puddle of excrement that is the blogosphere to live in the glossy realm of bullshit that is Bristol, Connecticutt. Life would be grand: I could completely mail in my columns, wear nice suits on TV, and grope interns 'til my heart's content. Beats the hell out of scraping together loose change to buy a bottle of Thunderbird for inspiration.

However -- correction: HOWEVA -- I'm afraid I'm just not fucking stupid enough to get a job offer.

Man, where's Tom Jackson when you need him?


Shoopmonster said...

What are you talking about, 'should probably not be a GM'? He would be perfect. Where you planning on finding somebody who is extremely competent? That doesn't fly.

Fornelli said...

Didn't Merril Hoge retire because of one too many concussions? I know he had a pretty bad one while on the Bears.

Maybe that's what you need to do CC. Have a friend hit you over the head with a hammer and suffocate you for a few minutes.

Spaceman Spiff said...

if Steve Phillips can be GM of anything, Hoge and his horrific suits should have a chance to make some personnel decisions.

Becky said...

Dude, if Matt Millen can do it, any of us can.

Big Thunder said...

um, has his prediction been proven wrong yet?

John McDonald said...

I'm not defending Merril Hoge, although I am a Steelers fan, and yes, he retired because of head trauma, but...BUT...all he said was that he wouldn't take Young, Leinart, or Cutler in the 1st round of this past draft.

I think the jury is still out on that comment, but remember these QB classes of years past?

1996: no 1st rounders

1997: Jim DRUNKenmiller #26 by SF - Was eligible for the 1004 Hall of Fame ballot. What? He didn't make the list of finalists?

1998: Manning #1; Leaf #2

1999: Couch 1; McNabb 2; Akili Smith 3; Culpooper 11; McCown 12

2000: Pennington 18

2001: Ron Mexico 1

2002: Carr 1; Ramsey 32

2003: Palmer 1; Byron Sandwich 7; Boller 19; Grossman 22

So in those 8 drafts there have been 16 qbs taken and three are legimately great players (Manning, McNabb, Palmer) three more are serviceable (Mexico, Culpooper, Sandwich), three more are borderline (Grossman, Pennington, Carr), and SEVEN are busts.

That's not a good percentage. All Super Merril was saying is that he wouldn't trade up for one of the grab-bag of VY#10, Leinart, or Cutler since Kellen Clemens is probably just as good.

Captain Caveman said...

Not only was that not funny, John, but your comparison lacks context. Did Carr and Ramsey face off in possibly the greatest NCAA championship ever? How does Leinart's legacy NOT compare to Palmer's, given their school, coaching, and system?

It wasn't an intellectual argument. I'm just saying Merill Hoge is an idiot.

theNick said...

yea john great college games automatically mean great pro games...i mean ask eric crouch and danny wuerffel (thats a joke) and am i the only one who thought the championship game sucked last year...with the whole usc not feeling the need to spy Vince Young at all

John McDonald said...

Oh, sorry, let me get out my retard to english dictionary here...

I didn't say shit about college games or that Merril Hoge isn't an idiot, I was just pointing out that your reason for calling him an idiot didn't make a lick of fucking sense. Instead, you specifically said he's an idiot because he said those three shitbags weren't worth a 1st round pick. Why make that argument now? What have they done to prove him wrong?

Then again, you're probably still wondering why Tim Couch and Heath Shuler never really got a fair shot in the NFL.