Friday, November 23, 2007

Smug Face vs. Fug Face. WHO YA GOT?

The top two seeds in the AFC last season are barely hanging onto faint playoff hopes with only a few weeks remaining in the regular season. When heads eventually roll, they'll probably bear the visages of these two clowns. Likely, incompetence will emerge Hydra-like from the stumps. In the meantime, we can find out who'll be king of the unemployment line in the offseason. WHO YA GOT?


Brian Billick_______Norv Turner

Springboard to head coaching job

1998 Vikings_________'91-'93 Cowboys

Favorite stench

Own farts_________Failure

Thanksgiving experience

Changing recipes, chiding family for disliking the results___burning cereal


Ronald Reagan_____________Ronald Raygun

Excuse for losing

Gameplan perhaps too brilliant____________Marmalard

All they want for Christmas

BOOT! BOOT! BOOOOOOOT!_______________Journey album

Finishing move

Condescension toward doubters______Getting hired by another team


SDW said...

They're both so fucking stupid... this is HARD!

I'd have to give the nod to Billick, if only because Norv looks like his face is melting. And also because I hate the fucking Chargers.

You stay shitty, San Diego.

SlideShow Bob said...

im gonna go with the guy who has a pissed off, angry Ray Lewis on his team.

When G-d's linebacker is angry its best not to get in his way, whether he has his knife or not.

Gourmet Spud said...

"I've got breaking news from the San Diego social assistance office, where the unemployment line Norv Turner was standing in has just allowed Adrian Peterson to rush for 330 yards."

Phony Gwynn said...

Not that I know from experience, but my guess is that Billick's farts are 60% potpourri, 35% egg salad, 3% Drakkar Noir and 2% douche.

swing4 said...
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Porky1 said...

Norv Turner is the Mush.

jackin'4beats said...

They both suck so hard my head's gonna explode.

Uh, what?!?!?

Wade Philips is clearly the best coach in the NFC.


Unknown said...

I of course vote for that biggest of all fucktards, Norvie. I think Spano's should just fire that halfwit now and let my mother coach the team..that old biddy can't do any worse than Norv, and then I wouldn't have to put up with her ass over the holidays.