Monday, November 5, 2007

Samantha Fox Endorses KSK!

Every day until voting for the 2007 Weblog Awards closes on November 8th, we’ll have a new celebrity endorsing us and encouraging you to vote KSK for Best Sports Blog. And, should these celebrities be female, and possess a surplus of cleavage and a deficit of clothing, well, we can’t help who chooses to love us. Today’s celebrity endorser is 80's sexpot Samantha Fox. I spent much of my youth masturbating to very small pictures of Fox topless in ads in the back of "Hit Parader" magazine. Sammy darling, what do YOU think of KSK?

I wanna have some fun
I wanna have some fun
I move my body all night long
I move my body all night long
Working hard every day
Working hard every day
I like to frig myself to KSK
I like to frig myself to KSK

Thanks, Samantha! Stay tuned for more endorsements from horny British singers all week! And be sure to vote every day, even if you’re being trampled by the crowd at a Who concert!


Upstate Underdog said...

Hit Parader > Circus

JAMMQ said...

Ahhh, Sa-Sa-Sa-Sa-Samantha Fox!

Getting the loins of teenage boys charged during the 80's like no other woman this side of Kylie Minogue.

peytonloveskenny said...

It's a damn shame I wasn't alive for most of the 80s.

markh6 said...

Man, my dad had her Penthouse issue. When we found it (note, you can hide nothing from kids) my brother and I got our first class in female anatomy and I had my first real crush. God I loved her.

Unknown said...

My tittie-sense is tingling...

lost said...

they may have bad teef
from eating horrible food
in worse weather

but the brits do love some tig ol bitties!

london is to tits what DC is to phat asses. seriously. there must be some shit in the milk. if you love titties you gotta go there.

i guess i must be about the same age as drew. unless 'much of my youth' extends into your sophomore year in college.

wv: eesygip. ease up on the grip, son. your dick ain't thirteen years old anymore, either.

Young HF29 said...

entering puberty during the Samantha Fox era was my greatest accomplishment as a human being.

I actuallystill own a Gallery magazine from 1985 or so with many nude pics of Ms. Fox. It's frayed, ripped, um, shiny, yet it remains one of my most treasured possessions.