Thursday, November 8, 2007

Marisa Miller Endorses KSK!

Every day until voting for the 2007 Weblog Awards closes (that’s today!), we’ll have a new celebrity endorsing us and encouraging you to vote KSK for Best Sports Blog. And, should these celebrities be female, and possess a surplus of cleavage and a deficit of clothing, well, we can’t help who chooses to love us. Yesterday, I asked you to vote for who you’d like the final endorser to be. You voted for porn star Aurora Snow. Unfortunately, I can’t post pictures of Snow here, since the only photos available all feature various foodstuffs lodged inside of her. Thus, today’s celebrity endorser is SI supermodel and unreasonably attractive woman Marisa Miller. Marisa, what do YOU think of KSK?

“Will you just win the stupid fucking award already? No one fucking cares."

Thanks, Marisa! And be sure to vote today, even if you haven’t finished masturbating!


lost said...

you're not helping any, fucker.

Pepster said...

I say that all of the celebrity endorsers should have a contest to see who is the best fan of KSK. My suggestion - a good old fashioned

"whore off".

How does that help - lost?

lost said...

pep-too late. nice try.

doesn't help any that the lactater in question is also named Marisa. is BDD in the NSA? fkn killin me here.

peytonloveskenny said...

Look at this.

That is all.

Slash said...

I think this was a good call.

Mevs said...

You guys need not worry. I'm sure Shanoff, the Blogfather, Name of the Year, and the rest of your circle jerk blogger crew will vote you to the top!

annnnnnnnnnnnd I was right.