Saturday, November 24, 2007

When She Says B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E, She F--king Means It

This is former Bucs cheerleeader Mary Delgado. Mary was arrested yesterday for punching her boyfriend in the mouth. Presumably while performing the dreaded "Reverse Bismarck".

She was also the "winner" of the 2004 season of "The Bachelor", nabbing a proposal from a professional bass fisherman. Really? A fucking fisherman is your prize? Jesus.

Since we had no cheerleader post yesterday, here's a proper Bucs gal.

Don't hurt me, baby. I bruise like a ripe avocado.


MemphisRaines said...

Like the perfect thanksgiving - a little later than usual, but more than fulfilling. Thanks! Natty mevs wishes he could have a taste of horse balls instead of the stale taste of oak he gets from Brady's nuts.

/I hate shitty fellow Browns fans

Punch Rockgroin said...

I'm guessing this means she's available?

farris said...

Can I get a definition and/or diagram for "Reverse Bismarck"? Urbandictionary and Google offer me no help...

Unknown said...

I bet she's hell on wheels with a baseball bat.

Failgoat said...

Presumably while performing the dreaded "Reverse Bismarck".

That shit is GROSS.

But it also made my morning.

Failgoat said...


The Bismarck is when you punch a girl in the nose and then brick one in her mouth.

According to Urban Dictionary, "It is so called due to the British Royal Navy's sinking of a German battleship, the Bismarck, in May 1941. Once the ship sank the British sailed round gunning the floating survivors thus leaving a trail of bloody seamen, or 'bloody semen.'"

So maybe she punched the guy in the nose and then stuffed his face down in her hoo-ha to finish him off? Drew, we need answers. For now, we'll just speculate amongst ourselves.*

*I immediately regret this decision.