Monday, November 5, 2007

Your KSK Suicide Pools Non-Update, Part I

I just went downstairs for a breakfast sandwich, and HOLY SHIT, was it good. It was only like, two bucks! I love the South.

Anyway, this is not a real update on the Pools. We'll have a real update tomorrow, after the Monday Night game. I'd estimate that we're finally down to about 30 entries, from about 750 original participants. I went out after forgetting to pick a team for Week 2, but I'm awesome like that. But we can get to that later.

For now, here are some of my favorite entry names from the pools this year. You people did us proud; with a scant canvas of only 30 characters, you managed to create and compose elements of sheer splendor. Behold:


Optimus Prime Minister

fish taco and vanzetti

Goodell's Lapdog

Rosebud Basselopes

Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

Oh my God it's PacMan's music

generic sexual innuendo

The Chicago Bear Grylls

The Noisewater Experience

Bluth Company Fire Starters

Abbandano Grosseria

Shaved Yak

Marcus Vick McRobbed You

Ditka & The Sex Cannons

Lance Ito's Facial Pubes

Its my Vick in a box

Touched By An Uncle

Steely McBeam - Heterosexual

Bill Walsh's Corpse's Legacy

Face Down in Oprah

Full Blown Aides

My Biscuits are Burning

Tijuana Snaggle Puss


Jew Don Boney Jr

Derrick Thomas Driving School

Whole Kitna Kaboodle

Benoit's Weight Machine


Erin Andrews' Panties

Rick Ankiel's The-rapist


rusty shackleford sees all

Lake Tahoe Goulets

The Well-Hung Jury

More brilliance forthcoming in Part II.


Chris(BessMervinGirlDetective) said...

Terry Schaivo signed my feeding tube - I didn't think anything could top Alabama Church fire. Oh how wrong I was.

Anonymous said...

I know that no one likes to here about fantasy teams, but holy shit God's duo--Purple Jesus and Jon "the Healing Mircale" Kitna--for the fucking win.

BDD, I can only hope you get a good QB and a wideout for your vikings next year.

Pemulis said...

i was forced to change the name of my fantasy team to "The Grape Stand". bet you can't guess what it was called originally

Group 5 said...

@pemulis- Marcus Vick's No-Kill Animal Shelter?

Anonymous said...

I think Derrick Thomas Driving School tops the Terry Schaivo one.

Nate said...

To be perfectly honest, I stole facebutteronthetoast from a good friend (he came up with it for another league we are in.)I absolutley suck at coming up with fantasy team names.

Ken Dynamo said...

Full Blown Aides? I don't get it.

lost said...

'fish taco & vanzetti'

whoever came up with this one, Fuck You.

Trying not to laugh at work, I almost snotted all over my $4,000 suit!

Come on!