Sunday, November 25, 2007

Late Games, Tame Dames

I had remembered the 4 o'clock games being better than the Ravens/Chargers and a few duels of the damned. I'll provide a little commentary until I arbitrarily decide to leave work and go home, which might be any minute now.

Hey, hey, the 49ers offense has found the endzone. Might as well set up camp while you're there.

Antonio Cromartie makes a nice interception of Kyle Boller that gets nullified on penalty. Phil Simms jokingly suggests Cromartie should be converted to offense and Philip Rivers snaps, "No, I got the picks thing covered, thanks."

The Niners take over at the Arizona 19 following a Kurt Warner pick and settle for a field goal. That endzone thing is played out, anyway.

Looks like Sideshow Bob will be making an appearance on this evening's Simpsons. He and Norv Turner must share an agent.

Ack, the San Francisco offensive bukkake continues! 17 points? In the first half? Who the fuck exhumed Bill Walsh?

Quite a paucity of throwgasms in Soldier Field, as the Sex Cannon is 3 of 7 with an interception and no conceptions. Denver leads 10-3.


Sean said...

In reference to a replay review, Randy Cross just said:

"I like that because they had to slow it down to SUPERSONIC, minus-warp speed."

Holy fucking shit. Seriously? Seriously?

dickey simpkins said...

Honestly, how stupid can teams be? I'm pretty sure directly kicking to Hester in the middle of the field is not the smartest choice to make.

bizzo5000 said...

Jebus, Warner almost had 500 yards passing. This is one fucked up year.

flubby said...

directly kicking to Hester in the middle of the field is not the smartest choice to make.

Bottom line, Shanny cost the Broncos the game. Afterwards, he looked like someone hit him in the face with a shovel. Good times.

jackin'4beats said...

Gotta love it when Shanny looks like he just fucked a Tranny.