Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Your KSK Suicide Pools Non-Update, Part B

This is not a real update on the Pools. We'll have a real update tomorrow. I'd estimate that we're finally down to about 30 entries, from about 750 original participants. I went out after forgetting to pick a team for Week 2, but I'm awesome like that. But we can get to that later.

For now, here are some of my favorite entry names from the pools this year. You people did us proud; with a scant canvas of only 30 characters, you managed to create and compose elements of sheer splendor. Behold:

Banger in the Mouth

cheer up emo kid

The Pukey McNabbs

Astoria Cuntstuffers

Chris Kaman (your mouth)

Chris Hansen is a Cockblocker

What Smells Like Blue?

Igor OlShankNuts

Jake Plummers handball partner

Steely McBeam Cream

Like Gloria Gaynor with AIDS

YES! It's Rich Kotite!

Who wants sticky buns?


Grandpa PeePee Pants

His name was Steve Sewell.

But can we have the trees?

Dirk Diggler Has Bad Posture

Ass to Mouth

Steely McAnalBead

I have $12/hr reasons to live.

My Assring Itches

The Masturbating Montanas

Faith Plus One

Matt Ufford's Future Ex

Brady Quinn Bar PhotoHunt


Cunnilingus Spice

Pat Tillman's Friendly Fire

Lazy Wife's Pick

Dick Justice

My Little Pony's Balls

Real update tomorrow. Or later this week.


jackin'4beats said...


You can't go wrong with the Menace to Society references. That shopkeeper never should opened his fuckin' mouth.

lost said...

why they always gotta get an attitude?

"D! mothafucka, D!"

"mutta-fuk YOO!"

GLOBBal warming said...

Is Dick Justice made up or is a reference to the assistance Dean of Students at the University of Illinois? Ironically he was in charge of all studen disciplinary actions.

Sean said...

SteelyMcRockHardCock didnt make it in?

Captain Caveman said...

Dear Matt Ufford's Future Ex,

Call me!

tHeCoNmAn said...

My team name got named as one of the best...great moment in my life, or the greatest moment in my life?

Anonymous said...

Huh, I thought "Meast Infection" would have gained the list. I guess I'll have to try harder next year.

Does anybody have dibs on "Brady's Bastards?"