Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Doug & Doug Fantasy Rules Week 11

Doug and Doug return following a fallow week, and what do they have to show for their mid-autumn vacation? Trading in the green headband for a beige one? Crafting a newfound irreverence for bounties? Easy you two, we've got $50, maybe $55, more that we can spend on hits. How hard can it be to bomb one garage?


JAMMQ said...

"Marv Lewis, claaahcks tickin' on your careeeaaaah, buddy . . ."


knowledge of Marlboro, Massachusetts


spewing hate on the bounty


Doug & Doug outing themselves as Massholes?

. . . and I had such high hopes.

JakesAlterEgo said...

What if they're just Simmons and J-Bug in masks, with their homosexuality toned down to a 7?

gone said...

Careful, Maj might steal that $50 to spend on a lap dance at the end of the month.

Robocats said...

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure Doug and Doug just jinxed their Patriots beyond belief. Seriously, how numb to the metaphysics of jinxing must you be to imply that your starting quarterback is indestructible? And the fact that it was in jest only makes it worse, jinxes can smell insincerity and fear.

Thank goodness I'm not a Patriots fan. Although one more '72 Dolphin coming forward might change my mind. Evil yes, but the greater of two evils? Remains to be seen.

Robocats said...

I mean the 85 Bears were kind of cocky, but even they had the good sense to include Steve Fuller in the Super Bowl shuffle for his efforts in thwarting bounties on McMahon.

MyBoysAreMyLife said...

Hey I won my KSK suicide pool!! Did I win a can of Manhattan Fish Assholes?

Wormfather said...

Before commiting murder you shoudl read Poe's "A Cask of Amontilado"

It's a tutorial on how to kill someone and not get caught.

I dont the Poe would have approved of the use of a bomb.

Ian said...

jammq - haven't we known all along that they were Pats fans? One of them wears a Patriots Football t-shirt in the intro every week.

Gern said...

Why don't you two go down to the gym and pump each other? Oh, too late. Props to Irwin.