Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So if you've been paying any attention to Deadspin lately (and unless you found the URL for this site carved into a bus stop bench, we suspect you have), you might have heard about some team winning the World Series. We'd tell you who it was, but we haven't paid much attention to that.

So Will Leitch made a bet on his team and, in lieu of his conquest, found himself with the day off today. Unfortunately, he fucked us all in the process by depriving us of a whole day of Leitchity goodness. What the hell are we supposed to do all day? Work? Fuck that, we're taking a stand.

We are stepping away from our regular AWESOME coverage of the NFL to get our Leitch fix, and to get you yours. Join us as we chronicle Will's rare weekday away from the laptop. It should be a lot like Pee Wee's Big Adventure, only without that sweet bike.

And O the questions! Will Will leave his domecile today? Will he buy a new jacket? Get a haircut? Spend some time in the gym? WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED. We'll be updating all day with the latest, so when you get sick of that Gawker fucker, whoever he is (is it whoever or whomever?), come hang with us. At least it's all about Will someplace today. Come get some.

[Update: Apparently, Will fooled us all and is stubbornly refusing to enjoy his day off. Motherfucker.]

[Second Update: Looks like Will is off after all; the Gawker fellow has started his day, and my goodness if he's not a little bit bitchy.]


swing4 said...

Perfect headline and picture in reference to the HR circus.

I hope Will can take a break from chain smoking long enough to buy a lottery ticket, because clearly all of his dreams are coming true this week.

The Big Picture said...

will Leitch take advantage of living in NYC? likely not. you know he'll be sitting on the fucking couch watching sports...err, the Cardinals entire postseason...on TV all day while following along in the Deadspin comments.

Unsilent Majority said...

sick fucking voyeurs

Critical Sports Blog said...

Will's hanging out with Harold Reynolds today. Harold will try to touch Will's ass.

flubby said...

I saw Will Leitch with a Chinese menu in his hand, walking through the streets of SoHo in the rain.

Joewho112 said...

It's "whomever," because it's the object of clause. "Whoever" is used when it's the subject.