Monday, October 9, 2006

A BJ From His Gay Son Wouldn't Hurt, Either

Most of us are enjoying the NFL season just fine, thanks, and don't really need to be bothered with the bullshit debating that is much better left for discussion during the "offseason." Not that we had to tell you this, but our boy PK is not most people, and he dropped a brown steamy friend in his column last week, alluding to Paul Tagliabue's chances of getting enshrined into Canton.

If you really want to get Paul Zimmerman started, ask him about the
Pro Football Hall of Fame candidacy of Paul Tagliabue. Let's just say
Zim's not a big fan.

This, as we said, is a debate for another day, though Tags probably does have more career receiving yards than Lynn Swann. Before we lock the doors, however, let's remind ourselves that Dr. Z can be of somewhat malleable opinion when it comes to analysis of one's career, provided his palms are greased in the right way:

Dick Vermeil, though, has made nothing but friends throughout his career, and he'll be rewarded right away. Sure, I'll vote for Dick. He sent me a case of that great cabernet he makes in Calistoga. You bet I'll vote for him.

See? Nothing to it, Tags. You'll be in the Giant Lemon Juicer in no time. Hopefully, Art Monk is taking notes.


Rob I said...

Just don't send Dr. Z any fucking merlot.

Unsilent Majority said...

is that a jolly rancher?