Sunday, October 1, 2006

One-Dump Preview: 4 PM Matchups for Week 4

Detroit 0-3 (Road: 0-1) at St. Louis 2-1 (Home: 1-0)

The Lions offense has only scored 37 points in their first three games, so they're only this close to scoring 40!

Cleveland 0-3 (Road: 0-1) at Oakland 0-2 (Home: 0-1)

If this is your 4pm CBS game, feel entitled to kick every puppy and baby you see for the next month. I will come to your arraignment to back up your insanity plea, since you should have been able to watch...

New England 2-1 (Road: 1-0) at Cincinnati 3-0 (Home: 1-0)

Interesting that the Bengals, a playoff-bound franchise emerging from the front-office ineptitude that plagued them through the 1990s, are welcoming the Patriots, who are seeing their championship team slowly dismantled by their own management.

Jacksonville 2-1 (Road: 0-1) at Washington 1-2 (Home: 0-1)

What will Mark Brunell pull out of his ass this week? Tom Cruise, perhaps?


Signal to Noise said...

The punishment for getting to watch the Chargers - Ravens game is having to suffer through the Raiders and Browns. And this on top of the Fox game being the Niners getting absolutely shellacked by KC.

I hate being in the middle of California.

Mike said...

At least the Niners are in NoCal. SoCal's 1pm game is Rams/Lions, yep, no (more) CA affiliation whatsoever.

Burn in hell, watermelon-wearing Ram fans from Anaheim working for FOX. Frontiere dissed you! Root for USC!

Chairface Chippendale said...

Fuckin' Santana Moss

Intentional Safety said...

How's that NE/Cin prediction working out for you?

Tony said...

Eat it, bitches! Go Skins! :D

apostles03 said...

I watched two peewee games this weekend that were better than that Browns/Raiders game. F-ing disgraceful.