Tuesday, October 3, 2006

A Fantasy League Even Big Daddy Drew Could Win

Remember college? I don't know about you, but everything my friends and I said was absolutely fucking hilarious. We drank and laughed non-stop and came up with new ways to quote Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Oh yes, we were really that cool.

Luckily, we were either too smart to film our exploits or too poor to afford a camera -- you see, kids, in the olden days our cellphones didn't record movies. We didn't even have cell phones! We had answering machines -- with actual tapes inside and everything!

But if we had been able to record our idiocy, we probably would have done something this dorky and poorly executed, and laughed our asses off at how we joked about selecting Landon Donovan in the fantasy football draft.

Ah, memories. Makes me want to drink a case of Busch Light and hook up with sorority girls in the study lounge.

Edit: Yeah, so these kids are probably in high school, not college. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse.


EPS said...
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EPS said...

That first kid needs to pop his collar and oh boy number two pick tttooooodddaaaayyyyyy jjrrrr.

"American football you jackass" I don't think he was joking, he is wearing a soccer jacket. Fucking fake Eurotrash

But all in all, great find CC

swing4 said...
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Canadian Bobsled Champ said...

Ty Law? Doesn't he like play defense or something?

Mike Terrill said...

We on? WE ON??

Unknown said...

The part where the kid picks 3 or 4 retired players is pretty funny...the rest was crap.
Gawd I miss college....
Maybe I don't, maybe I miss being drunk all the time.