Monday, October 16, 2006

Checking in with our Good Friend Peter King

Some of you may be aware of our somewhat-well-documented rift with SI's Peter King. I, for one, stopped reading King's Monday Morning Quarterback not long after I expected him to put a price on my head. I still can't watch SNF without thinking, "Wow, that dude fucking hates me."

But I checked in with Homes today, and I was pleasantly surprised. He still has Factoids That Definitely Interest Only Him, but the column seems more football-focused than ever before. His Irritating/Idiotic Travel Note of the Week no longer exists, although this may be more due to him sitting in NBC studios than to the intelligence of SI editors. And "Coffeenerdness" -- formerly given bold headline type -- is now relegated to his subthoughts on things he thinks he thinks. Most importantly, I was relieved to see not a single word on his family, which means that we don't need to have any more ugly standoffs.

So, good work, Peter King. There are still plenty of nits to pick about your column -- you moralize about the content of a TV-MA show, for one -- but I dig the baby steps.

So, are we cool now? No?

Well, I still got the pictures, so we fucking better be cool.


Canadian Bobsled Champ said...

Why is Holly Mangold at Fenway Park with Peter King? Must've met on Myspace.

swing4 said...

One olive branch, five hours, and a twelve-pack, and you would be like the son he never had, CC. It would be like when the dad in The Lion King passed on his knowledge to the cub prince. Or something. I never saw the movie.

Unknown said...

awwww, now how long until you offer the olive branch to Simmons?

Johnny Cakes but not gay said...

today's Peter King coulumn was a cheap knockoff of MJD's shmorgasboard. (or however you spell that jew shit. No offense to any jews reading this, you christ killers.)
Hey Peter, you're watching the fucking NFL package that's available on directv and making not-as-funny as MJD comments. Although I did enjoy the Jerome Bettis suck off. That's some insight from jerome. No way he spent his working life banging his head into other dudes heads.

Anonymous said...

was this part of the settlement? You had to plug his column once a month?