Monday, October 2, 2006

Santana Moss Saved At Least One Jew

In a tribute of sorts to Unsilent Majority, the only contributor who is celebrating a victory from his team Sunday (as well as Yom Kippur), we bring you this poor quality YouTube clip of Santana Moss's GREAT catch-and-run that beat the Jags last night in OT.

"Congrats" and "eat shit" to UM. Shalom, bitches.


Christmas Ape said...

"Whoever saves one life saves the world entire."

You can't think about football during Schindler's List!

RadamR said...

So hot! The skins I mean, not Schindler's List.

We beat a real team with a quarterback that has a very real bah-donQue-donk.

Steve said...

Did that game morph into a Penn State halftime? Mark Brunell sure looked like Joe Paterno running for the restroom.

Signal to Noise said...

Hearing the words "walkoff touchdown" sounds wrong.

No terminology creep, please, announcers.

Otto Man said...

My fantasy football squad thanks you, UM.

I don't use the word "hero" very often, but you, Santana Moss, may very well be the greatest hero in American history.