Friday, March 28, 2008

The Friday Cheerleader Post
Fly "High" Falcons

"Your mother and I want you to have a good time this weekend. Maybe you'll go to the batting cages with the fellows or catch a picture-show with your best gal. Whatever you do, if someone offers you a "reefer", run away as fast as you can and call 911 immediately. Reader's Digest says that a "bad trip" is not very "groovy". I clipped the article, it's on the front of the fridge if you want to read it. I also put a copy in your sock drawer. Maybe you want to show it to some of your friends. All we want is for you to not to grow up to be a burnt-out hipster uploading shoe-gazer NFL fight songs on YouTube. That's not too much to ask, is it?"

If you voted for the Lion or Bengal, avert your gaze at once.
These pictures are not for you!

Lots more of this lass can be found here. You're welcome.


Chuck Sweet said...

you're welcome.

sorry. i must have forgotten to say "thank you flubby. thank you for sending me to the SI swimsuit site where I got lost and forgot what the fuck i was working on at the office and am now in deep shit. nay, a thousand thanks, actually."

the great bambi said...

wait there was a lecture? when? where? wait, how'd i get here? who am i? what happened before this lovely lady appeared on my screen?

aarong said...

i didnt vote for the lion or the bengal, and those 2 are still winning.

its a shame those commie nazis get who voted for them get to see these pictures too

aarong said...

oh and ape is clearly the most pretentious

Unsilent Majority said...

Are you people retarded?

Ape listens to NPR and Drew went to prep school and college in New England!

flubby said...

I will not stand by and let you insult our precious commenters. A pox on you, sir!

smurphette said...

Ape has admitted he doesn't know shit about music. That alone disqualifies him from winning (or, at the very least, cancels out the fact that he listens to NPR).

Jez said...

You know, the Falcons are cool. He's right.