Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yapcunt Regional: No. 1 TITAN vs. No. 8 SAINT - TO WHOM SHALL YOUR VOTE GO???

The conservative right is basking in this sort of religion-meets-religion matchup, as the Greeks take on the Italians, while the Germans and Irish sit around and drink beer. TO WHOM SHALL YOUR VOTE GO?

Voting is closed. The Titan won with 74 percent of the vote.




Home Field

Mount Othrys



Ancient Greek mythology

Greek Christian literature


Destroying younger, sexier Olympian gods

Destroying younger, sexier altar boys

Fundamental Weakness

Never really existed

Actually already dead

Theoretical Weakness

Oily skin, terrible-tasting food

Over-dependence on FEMA

Finishing Move

Slaying relatives in quest for power

Waiting for Kill Kill Kill NIT


Upstate Underdog said...

I went to catholic school for 9 years, I'm voting Saints.

/never an altar boy or molested

Otto Man said...

Actually already dead

Is this the end of Zombie St. Francis of Assisi?

Steve said...

Been done. Saints already won. Last I checked no one was worshiping Oceanus.

Spud Randall said...

A little David and Goliath going on maybe?

/molests Punter for Katrina joke

John S. said...

Came here to say that same thing as Quiet Strength. However, I was going to refer to Hyperion.

ExecutedToday said...

Is the Kill Kill Kill NIT the MLB mascot tournament?

Saints could fuck up Padres, Twins ... perhaps even White Stockings.

TurleyGirlie said...

Saints'll fuck up everyone.

They don't even have to hurl a Charger-like bolt of lightening...they can just intercede with God.

Saints for the win.

Steve said...

Oceanus was the first one I saw on Wikipedia under "Titans." No clue who he is. Still, I don't think we're going to see our first 1-8 upset.

Claude Balls said...

< buzzkill >

The Titans were deities, right? Unless one of the NFL franchises was recently renamed after the Greek or Roman gods or was renamed the Christs, Yahwehs or Allahs, don't the Titans pretty much win the tournament in a walk?

< /buzzkill >

Wormfather said...

Saints are all sorts of non-violent and shit and ya know titans are titanic and shit. However, saints can come back from the dead and if that's the case, is the fight ever really over?

gone said...

Saints can come back from the dead?

I gotta get me some of that.

Raskolnikov said...

Do the Titans have Kratos on their side?

Tracer Bullet said...

I went to Catholic school for 13 years. I'm voting Titans.

/former altar boy
//never molested
///but dammit, I was cute

SlideShow Bob said...

On one side u got the head of the Titans who was tricked into eating a rock instead of his son. on the other side theres Mother Teresa who couldnt of weighed more then 85 pounds.

I say Titans