Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kevin Everett Memorial Honorary Meast of the Week: Week 3, in Which the Negro Uber Mensch Carries the Day

We've been so engaged in mock-sincere recriminations over who is most slighted, black quarterbacks, white receivers, Asian claims adjusters or half-German and half-Brazilian big tittied personal palm frond wavers that it seems that we've lost sight of what matters most. Sunday, it was reported that this year's Meast namesake Kevin Everett made still more remarkable progress when he was able to lift his right arm and give paralysis the finger.

It makes you think of all the parallels with Christopher Reeve, like how they both wore red and blue outfits, and sucked stem cells dry to reach an arduous recovery.

But the debate hung over everything this week, especially the selection of the Meast. You knew we had to honor someone from the Eagles for their -temporarily- season-saving, face-melting 56-point performance against Detroit Sunday. With McNabb and Curtis canceling each other out with outstanding but co-dependent performances, it was the open field running of Brian Westbrook that proved most deserving of our recognition this week. We don't care how many yards you had, Ronnie Brown. Fucking loser.

The Eagles' back gained more than 200 total yards and had three scores, in the process getting an abdominal strain from eating so many Lions' players souls.

And, hey, we didn't pick a Patriot this week! There's another "disrespect" card they'll shuffle into the deck.


bcj said...

Agreed. Westbrook is truly meastly.

That said, fuck you Ape and fuck your Steelers for shitting all over the Niners.

Hustler of Culture said...

Stupid Westbrook. Its against my nature to root for a Dematha grad.

Chris(BessMervinGirlDetective) said...

Keith Bullock would like a world with you.

Weed Against Speed said...

So, Ape, what happens between you and your father now that the Steelers won the game? Does he have to just sit there a take a beating from you?

Wormfather said...

I pray that none of you run into Thomas Jones in a dark alley.

For further evidence see my avatar.

(Then again, after beating you up, he may just run accross the street.)

JG said...

What... no DeAngelo Hall?

Wormfather said...


BTW someone mention Doghead Fish 90 Minute IPA a few months ago on this thread.

Finally had it last night...came in a four pack and I thought they were cheap fuckers.

I only ended up drinking three

x x


Unsilent Majority said...

Yeah, that's in my beer HOF. They have to sell it in four packs because of the alcohol content.

Its against my nature to root for a Dematha grad.

just boo James Brown during next week's pregame show to make up for it.

jackin'4beats said...

I second your nomination for Westbrook since he's neither McNabb nor Kevin "fuckin'" Curtis.

@ wormfather

+1 for the constant replay of Thomas Jones completely bitching that Dolphins DB. That play even made my wife stand up and say DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMN.

So when is Pennington breaking his ankle for real so we can see a pass go more than 5 yards downfield?

What too soon?

leaf said...

All I could think of was...fluff piecery - then I was reminded I can still hate on Dematha grads.

Wormfather said...


I could watch that shit all day.

Leave Chad aloooooooone ::cries::