Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"I Could Care Less If The Team Is Strugggggling."

By popular demand, we present you with the video of the Namath-Patron Saint video from exactly two years ago today. And kudos to whoever included us on Suzy Kolber's Wikipedia page. That's using your time wisely.

You can always view this video by clicking on the "Kiss Me, Suzy!" link over on the right. You're never far from drunken come-ons here at KSK. Guaranteed.


Mike said...

Never know what's funnier:

That the producers let that drunken wreck on the air, or Al Michaels' tut-tutting, "Oh boy, is he happy" as they cut away.

Either way . . . Broadway Joe, baby!

Meanwhile, as a Jet fan I need to know why Joe didn't satisfy this guarantee: if noodle-arm Pennington stays blah, blah, blah, then the Jets will "win the championship."

Fuck. Guess he didn't know Herm would intentionally lose yards before a FG attempt and . . . I have to stop!

Suss said...

Wow that got taken down fast.

Signal to Noise said...


The Patron Saint, still thick in the britches.

Laser Rocket Arm said...

I'll give Suzy this--she's moderately more tolerable than Andrea Kremer.

Unsilent Majority said...

fenway, we don't even know how to operate that wiki business. otherwise we'd all have our own pages with outlandish claims about our manly exploits.

evan said...

I still say that getting Suzy Kolber would be a fantastic bar-mitzvah gift for the super wealthy. Even better than the Zoltar (yes, like Big) at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Btw, anyone have a gift suggestion for a younger brother whose 22, can't hold liquor too well and is otherwise impossible to figure a gift for? No hooker suggestions and unfortunately drugs are out, too.

Captain Caveman said...

22 and can't hold liquor? What is he, a fairy?

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Signal to Noise said...

whitefolks - another 21st birthday celebration to help with the tolerance.

Mike said...


Damn straight! Without Joe Willie, we have shit to hang our hats on for 35+ years. If we're gonna live off the glory of one game in 1969, we'll take the drunken, sideline come-ons WITH PRIDE. It takes a special man & an even more special QB to make the Hall of Fame with about 700 more INTs than TDs.

And you don't come from Beaver Falls without felling some beaver.

Being a Jet fan: it's a way of life.

(Just fucking shoot me now.)

evan said...

He can hold it. Temporarily.

He was I think 19 or 20 when we went on a cruise and were thiiiis close to being detained by the Mexican police. Apparently getting drunk on Carlos and Charlies yards of Long Island, crashing a rented scooter and passing out in a bathroom is frowned upon for gringos.

My grandfather and I were standing on the balcony of the ship praying we got moving before the cops pulled up to the port. Really good times.

Mayor McRib said...

Get your brother a set of balls, a fifth of Popov vodka and some Pepto to take before he starts drinking. And in the card tell him that your grandpa thinks that he is a puss.

swing4 said...

whitefolks: As a Florida resident, you probably can't go wrong with jorts.

If two of the trifecta are out (sex and drugs), go with the third: rock 'n' roll.

Unsilent Majority said...

Get him some crack. After that holding his liquor shouldn't be a problem.

evan said...

See, there's plenty of crack to be had around Orlando, but our murder rate is about to break a year's high set in 1982. I'd much prefer he rocked the ganj and it would be far easier to get a good amount of that in comparison.

Jorts are wrong.

With the season upon us for general dereliction at work till the New Year, I was wondering:

Anyone without a foodservice job get drunk or high at their job? If so, whaddaya do and what's your pick to have fun with?

Anonymous said...

What else can you really get a Floridian besides jorts, hairgel, or a tight shirt?

Basshole said...

What else can you really get a Floridian besides jorts, hairgel, or a tight shirt?

This floridian always graciously accept gifts of liquor. And poon.

gone said...

Man, I love that clip. It never stops getting funny.

Mevs said...

Grreatttttttt video forever man.

One of the best parts is at the end, Thiesman says "Joe's just a happy guy. Isn't he happy?" aka 'drunk'. Then Maguire says "Oh boy is he ever happy."

Anonymous said...

Damn, check out the tat just above Saint Suzy's right ankle. Somebody was a wild child at the U, wasn't she?

gone said...

Whitefolks - to solve his drinking problem, just take him to Magic Kingdom during the next few days. Make sure to get him up early, like around 7:00ish, to be sure you even get in the park before it gets closed due to filled to capacity.

Then simply "get lost" away from him (and make sure you have the keys) and let him wander the park for 5-6 hours - dealing with little kids screaming, yelling, running, jumping, grabbing, shitting, etc. Make sure he gets on "It's a Small World" at least once.

When you "find" him again, he'll be ready to drink more than UM at a strip club.

Problem solved.