Monday, January 29, 2007

Anthropomorphic bear physically demonstrates pleasure over Super Bowl team at expense of baffled citizenry

Super Bowl week is here. A multimedia mind-fuck where anything can happen. Legends will be made overnight-- fortunes won and lost in a heartbeat. Moments that will be remembered for generations will rapidly flash before our eyes. A pastiche of memorable sport accomplishment rapidly adding to the glorious lore of the game.

Alas, this will not be one such moment. This video appears to be a guy in an Eisenhower-era bear suit giving gonzo hugs to surprised Chicagoans over a soundtrack of dreary emo. If Falco were still alive, he would no doubt accuse this guy of taking frotteuristic liberties in the name of the Bears recent success. But then, Falco was such a cynic. I prefer to think that we all celebrate the big game in our way, some more eccentric than others.

Who am I to judge? That is our (mostly) brilliant commenters' job.

I'm 99% sure that bear was on the sidelines during the semi-state game in "Hoosiers"


Rob I said...

This loser bear would get his ass whupped by the Masturbating Bear.

Grimey said...

Clearly all the women in the streets of Chicago are menstruating.

Unsilent Majority said...

Bear City. Bear Bear City.

The General said...

Didn't this use to be an old Letterman bit? Did they ever do "Can a Guy in a Bear Suit Get a Hug?" I clearly remember "Can a Guy in a Bear Suit Get into a Strip Club?"