Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Best Of The KSK NFL Halloween Costume Bukkake

Our first annual Halloween Bukkake was a smashing success, thanks to all your commenting folk. To salute you, and to wash away the memory of seeing Will Leitch's bare torso, here are our favorite costume suggestions from you guys (plus a hot chick in a French maid's outfit). Big round of applause all around.

Mark Brunell: Halloween is sacrilegious. No costume. (Rob Iracane)

Matt Leinart: a concerned and active father figure (revenge of jobu's stolen rum)

Brad Johnson: Aron Ralston (eric)

Mario Williams: Reggie Bush (smello)

Fred Smoot: Darth Maul (grimey)*

Chris Henry: Police Officer (Cameron)

Buzzsaw: The Bengals four years ago (hot carl Monday)

Bill Parcells' fupa: Charlie Weis' fupa (doc medich)

Hines Ward: Kim Jong Il (rock-n-rye)

Micheal Irvin: Pookie from New Jack City (nouseforaname)

*My personal favorite

Kudos to all of you. I wonder what kind of candy all the players got for Halloween last night. I bet Najeh Davenport got a hamper full of Baby Ruths.

Huh? Huh?


PUNTE said...

I want this entire hamper scrubbed, sterilized, and disinfected!

Otto Man said...

How come I never see a real-life chick in a French maid costume who looks half as good as that?

Damn, now my pants are chafing me.

Mayor McRib said...

Brad Johnson = Apple (he gets paid like a backup so he gets backup candy.

Mario Williams = Mounds of candy not sacks.

Fred Smoot = Dildo Lollipop

Chris Henry = Not sure what he got but he threw up from too much of it.

Buzzsaw = Pink choco taco

Bill Parcells' fupa = Passed on the candy and lived up to costume by banging the housewife passing it out.

Hines Ward = I can't read that language, but like a snickers.

Micheal Irvin = Crack to give to one of his "friends".