Friday, November 3, 2006

Oh, The Times When Being A Dwarf Comes In Handy

Here are two cheerleaders. One is dressed as Snow White. The other is dressed as someone I'd like to (if I wasn't happily married) tie up to a barnyard fence and run through like a Union Pacific locomotive. I don't know anything about these chicks, so let's just make stuff up.

Their names are Heidi and Madison. They both come from somewhere in the Great Plains states. I'll just say Oklahoma, because why not. Their favorite show is Grey's Anatomy. Their dream date is George Clooney. They love men with a sense of humor and hate dishonesty. Both of them like to party and go crazy, but both of them also like to stay home and curl up with a good book once in a while (a book in this case means a magazine). Really, they're just a couple down-to-earth gals who occasionally like to let loose.

Oh, and the one in the Snow White outfit will take it in the ass if share your blow.

But -1 to her for the cheap French manicure. You get paid $20 a weekend, honey. Make it work.

Happy weekend. I'm sure someone will check in here at least once or twice. Your homework is to go see Borat. Here's a deleted scene. Chenqui!


Unsilent Majority said...

This my friend Mari. I come here for massage and, how you say? Hand relief. Every Thursday, she clean my hole.

doug_plank said...

But her vagine now hangs like a wizard's sleeve.

doug_plank said...

Will "Snow White" sing "Hi-Ho" while you're are popping her in the balloon knot?

A "Dusty Baker"?

Worldwide Reader said...

Is possible make a shit in your house immediately, very urgent, I have problem, please?

Mike said...

At first Snow White was grumpy at my bashful suggestion. I asked her, don't you want to make your little man happy? She gave me that sleepy little grin that drives me wild, and said its just what the doc ordered. I snorted the huge pile of Zombie Dust off her ass, sneezed, and off to work I went.

- Dopey

Grimey said...

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Unsilent Majority said...

the dude just likes word problems...weirdo.

Unknown said...

Oklahoma??? Okay sure. We have cute girls like that here, I could point you to 10 in less than an hour.
Ass for Blow? Probably not. But I'll bet she'll blow you for two hours if you watch American Idol with her.