Sunday, November 26, 2006

Brilliant Piece Of Journalism Determines Gregg Williams Is A Douchebag

I have a list of teams that are woefully undercovered on this site that I'd like to get to (Cleveland, Denver, and any other team you commenters would like to see get some attention), but I have to call attention to UM's favorite team right now. Largely to make him suffer more, which is terrific fun.

You might think we blog folk exist just to rip on everything and say everyone sucks. Not so. In the giant ocean of suckitude that is sports journalism, some work stands out, and Tom Friend's article on the Skins is one of those works. Read it here. Friend takes the pulse of the Skins locker room and coaching staff, and what comes out is a portrait of an organization that, apart from Detroit, is the worst run in the NFL. Particularly damning is the portrayal of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who comes across a thoroughly arrogant prick. Some of the lowlights:

Williams told people that the offense was almost "high school" that first year.

Williams was heard bragging that he made more money than the head coaches he was recruiting against, that he carried more lumber than some head coaches in the league.

One player on Williams and the coaching staff: They think they're f------ geniuses, thinking they can just let guys go and get away with handling people badly.

The Redskins' safeties and corners do not meet together, which is practically unheard of.

There's also a brutal assessment of safety coach Steve Jackson. Read on:

Other defensive coaches became officially peeved at Jackson for making Taylor "play like a robot," and for turning him into a confused, regressing player who now tunes out coaches and teammates.

"And then Steve Jackson began pouting at practice," the player said. "He pouts at practice. He'll stand by himself and won't coach anybody. This last game in Tampa, we had a player at halftime go up to him and say, 'Are you going to just sit there and pout, or are you gonna f------ coach your guys up?'"

It gets worse. Reading the whole article, if you hate the Skins, is a joy. Brilliant work by Friend. If Peter King wrote this article, he'd spend 7 paragraphs telling you about an omelet he ate that morning.


Eric Stratton said...

It helps, but the Eagles are still starting The Gay Rat tonight. Nothing can erase my sadness.

Signal to Noise said...

It's always nice to see an owner who tries to buy his way to success get the coaching staff he deserves.

Any qualifications of genius from Gregg Williams should have been quashed after he lost the Bills job. Sure, there are coordinators who have no business being head coaches, ever, and he may be one of them, but you have to account for those failings when you hire him.

I look forward to a Broncos bit, even (and maybe especially) if it's a smackdown.

Rob I said...

Even LaVar Arrington seems to be a victim of Gregg Williams' hubris. Conclusion: Gregg Williams is the worst human being in the world.

Alejandro de los Rios said...

This is why it hurts so much to be a skins fan. The Washington Post had an article about why the team is so bad during the bye week, basically criticizing the teams revolving door policy. Where is that citicism when the money is being spent in the offseason? Skins fans: eternally optimistic, continually dissapointed.

Williams needs to be gone next season or they just need to smack him in the face and tell him to coach like he used to and get back to the basics. But spending some money on Dwight Freeny won't hurt...gah, look at me. Skins fans never learn.

Unsilent Majority said...

alejandro, please don't start with that. after the game (THAT WE WON!) my brother is going through the list of free agents on the car ride home. No we aren't signing Freeney, Briggs, or Clements (although the latter couldn't hurt).

Matt T said...

Why does he have an extra g on the end of his name. I'd have to think that leads to the doucebaggery.

Canadian Bobsled Champ said...

What is it with Washington and hands off leaders supporting over zealous pricks....first Bush and Rumsfeld, now this! At least the D and JC pulled through today

bates said...

Oh! Oh! Do the Jets next!

And please go past Mangini's boobies, because that's stale already. You're better than that.

/any press is good press
//can't wait to lose to the Raiders in week 17 and miss the playoffs by one game

Signal to Noise said...

Despite the earlier expressed schadenfreude, Campbell got me two TDs today in his first week as my team's McNabb replacement.

So I wish him the best and hope the Skins' O at least keeps it together.

Anonymous said...

Friend takes the pulse of the Skins locker room and coaching staff, and what comes out is a portrait of an organization that, apart from Detroit, is the worst run in the NFL.

Al Davis and the Raiders take umbrage with being left off this list. What part of signing Aaron Brooks to be your starting QB don't you understand?

Oh yeah, I'm always game for some Bronco bustin' over here. Considering Mike Shanahan's physical likeness to the President, I fully expect him to say, "Plumie, you're doing a heck of a job!"

twoeightnine said...

William can suck a fucking dick.

-The City of Buffalo

HofC said...

I couldn't even make it through that Friend article. I mean, it just sucks to read how your team sucks.

Thanks BDD, I really needed to be reminded of the article...really...thanks!

The Disgruntled Chemist said...

William can suck a fucking dick.

-The City of Buffalo

Fucking amen to that.

tbart213 said...

Matt T is so right on with the extra G thing.

Anybody ever hear of someone named Gregg that wasn't a flaming homo?

me neither.

I bet Williams likes broadway plays and cats too.

In fact, I think that Saunders spent so much time around Vermeil, that he started thinking about switching teams too.

Ever wonder why Bostic and Jacoby and those guys don't come around anymore? Gayness, that's why. They can't stand it. It gives 'em the creeps when the coaches say things like "sure wish we still had hogs like you". Gives me the creeps too.

Redskins...Foreskins...whatever, man