Friday, December 21, 2007

It's the Little Things in Life

We didn't expect yesterday's post about uber-dipshit Joe Damato (seen above, left, in an artist's rendition) to go over so well. But, bless your adorable, shrunken hearts, you hated that bastard even more than we did.

That was a pleasant enough surprise, you hating him the way you did. But the blood diamond churned up by that post was the IMDb page of Joe D'Amato, who's an apostrophe and about 200 pornos away from being our Joe Damato. Please, enjoy this sampling from Mr. D'Amato's filmography:

Sperma Spende
Anal Perversions of Lolita... aka House of Anal Perversions
Raw and Naked
Sex Penitentiary
Robin Hood: Thief of Wives
120 Days of Anal
Homo Erectus... aka Jurassic Pork
Paprika... aka Anal Paprika... aka The Last Italian Whore
Some Like It Hard
Porno Holocaust
Blue Erotic Climax
Greedy Mouth
Erotic Nights of the Living Dead
The Smoking Cauldron of Virgins
Images in a Convent

Oh sure, laugh about Porno Holocaust. But you have no idea how many millions of sperm died during that genocide.

Speaking of sperm dying, I was looking for photos of NFL cheerleaders in Santa hats when my search was abruptly abandoned at this post at the Pro Cheerleaders Blog:

That's Robin. This is the PCB on Robin:

Robin is the most senior Charger Girl and though she may be long in the tooth, she still looks hot in the uniform and gives it all when performing. I think if all Charger Girls give that level of performance and commitment, they would have careers as long and illustrious as Robin’s.

Ah, I almost didn't realize this ancient hag was so close to menopause. I apologize. As recompense, here's fresh-faced and fresh-everythinged rookie Heather:

Merry Christmas, KSKers. As flubby noted below, things will be a little slower than usual next week, but we'll still get it up. Posts. Get posts up. On the blog.


hfrog355 said...

Warm weather football teams are so much more appreciated at this time of the year...

Pemulis said...

Not now chief, Joe Damato is in the fucking zone.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

If I could name one of my future children Anal Paprika without fear of custody being immediately taken away from me, I would.

I might still.

twoeightnine said...

I wonder if the curtains match the linoleum?

Anonymous said...

Not to be an asshole or anything (Well, I'm Me, so take what I said with a grain of salt) but you should give credit to the for the picture. -end of rant-

Unknown said...

Oh sure, laugh about Porno Holocaust. But you have no idea how many millions of sperm died during that genocide.


Unknown said...

holy shit i wonder if joe damato's porno holocaust is credited for the invention of the word spermicide. does he have a trivia section on his imdb profile?

Captain Caveman said...

you should give credit to the for the picture.

NO FUCKING SHIT? Maybe that's why I linked back to them, asshole.

/drunk, but honest

Evad said...

Oh yeah, those are some hot ribs on Heather. That's what I'm looking for.

Stephen said...

Fucking skanks

Unknown said...

As for the video in the comments section here. If some skank did do that guy because of his haircut..she probably got what she deserved..a 90 second hump.

JAMMQ said...

Frosted or spiked tips


Arrogant smirk and/or an absolutely enraging sense of self-satisfaction


According to Father Knows Shit, we have a douchebag.

Chris said...

Eh, Robin > Heather.

Danno said...

Just so you know, if you try to buy some blow or grass off one of these cheerleaders on the street and you don't have c-sucking lips, nivea for men, and spike-glazed-hair-tips a la j. damato, it won't work. Morons.

Did Tim Tebow make that Douchebags with Hot Chicks page?