Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Good...To Be...A Florida Gator (most of the time)

Usually the Kill, Kill, Kill features are in video form. However, this picture was too freaking crazy not to post.

Every so often in Florida, a bleary meth-head, in the midst of a fleeting moment of clarity, will realize that his decision to make a pet of a Burmese python was a poor one-- and the snake is unceremoniously set loose into the Everglades. When the python crosses paths with some of the indigenous wildlife what ensues can best be described as illegal immigration: reptile style.

The Burmese python tried to swallow its fearsome rival whole but then exploded. The python's remains were found with the victim's tail protruding from its burst midsection.

The photo shows the gruesome aftermath. The alligator, in a testament old-fashioned American determination, refused to give up merely because he had been eaten alive-- spending his final moments making sure he took the Asian invader with him. The park ranger says that he is aware of four similar encounters-- all either won by the gator or like this one, a mortal draw. USA! USA! USA!

This is hardly the first time that a dismembered snake has been used to represent North American nationalism. Benjamin Franklin's well known political cartoon at the left advocated colonial solidarity. The sentiment draw upon the old myth that a chopped up snake, if left in a bag overnight, would magically reassemble. Kind of like the myth I currently subscribe to about chopped up hookers.


Otto Man said...

Next time you tell me a gruesome Florida gator has been swallowed by a snake, it had better be about Joakim Noah.

SlideShow Bob said...

Tebow would of walked away from it.

Kyle321N said...

Al Horford wouldn't allow himself to be swallowed whole.

Barney said...

Probably should have a deep throat or gagging or choking tag. Oops, wrong site. Carry on.

Slash said...

Pythons are not very smart, are they? All those tasty pets and small children available, and they go for something twice their width that also has teeth and claws.

It's good to recognize your limitations.

futuremrsrickankiel said...

It's funny because South Carolina is the ass.

Colts and Hoosiers Fan said...

I was slightly disgusted, and couldn't figure out what the picture was. Then I read the description of what it was....and if I had eaten today I WOULD HAVE vomited everywhere.