Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Barry Sanders tells Jimmy Kimmel the real reason he retired.

Ha, ha. No seriously, it was because the Lions are really, really shitty.


J said...

"I'm fucking Barry Sanderssssss"

/musically inept

twoeightnine said...

You left off the "Kimmel hasn't been funny since he had that fat kid doing his work for him" tag.

Ian said...

And here I was hoping that Sanders was f#$king Matt Damon.

Kyle321N said...

I am so glad I go to sleep after Kimmel comes on. He sucks since he left the Man Show.

But thank you for this youtubage. It allows me to watch all the Barry clips that are under related videos. After not seeing him for 10 years you forget how purely amazing he was and how shitty his O-lines really were.

/how do you not put 11 men in the box against him?
//realizes they tried and you can't stop him.

Anonymous said...

He was the best ever. He could probably still come back. Then the lions might win 6 games next year.

SRV said...

the request for the autograph to read "Dear E-Bay buyer" I thought was pretty good.

Kimmel is good in small doses, but agree that he was funniest on the Man Show.