Thursday, January 31, 2008

KSK Celebrity Super Bowl Pick: Michael Vick!

The celebrity Super Bowl pick is a time-honored tradition, one we at KSK are super fucking excited to be a part of, as we have in the past. For the next two weeks, stars from the world of entertainment, politics, and more will drop by to make their picks for the big game in the Pink Taco! Up next, Inmate #34590874598 in the Federal penal system, Michael Vick!

Vick: Oh, man.

Oh, Lord.

Holy shit.

This jenkem, this is the strongest shit I’ve ever done. And when I say “shit”, I mean it literally! How’s that next batch cookin’ up, Pookie?

Pookie: It’s goin’ good!!!!

Vick: I gotta pick this Super Bowl game and shit. Who do I pick, Pookie?

Pookie: I dunno, MV7. You gotta write that shit down and give it to Loop down the hall. He’ll set you up.

Vick: Shit. I guess I’ll pick the Giants. How do you spell Giants, Pookie?

Pookie: G-I-A…

Vick: Whoa whoa whoa. Hold up. Slow down. Go back to the beginnin’. How do you spell G?

Pookie: Uh…

Vick: (crumples up the paper) Man, fuck this shit. Let me get my nose in some more of that doodoo.

Vick: (sniffs) Oh yeah. That'll do, doodoo.


Upstate Underdog said...

good shit.

/crossing fingers for Wade/Jerry and Marmalard pick.

Pemulis said...

And always remember my brother, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, knick knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone, two thousand, zero, zero, party, oops! Out of time, my bacon smellin' fine.

fallex said...

Pookie and Ookie. A natural marriage.

Unabashed Douchebag said...

Pookie and Ookie, huffin' dookie!

JohnDewar said...

I tried to kick... but that shit just be callin' me man, it be callin' me, man... I just got to go to it!


shouldBworkin said...

Hell. Yes.

Is that the usual line-up of suspects I see lining up behind Ookie? Upstate see's em too.