Thursday, January 24, 2008

KSK Celebrity Pickkake: Dan Steinberg

The celebrity Super Bowl pick is a time-honored tradition, one we at KSK are super fucking excited to be a part of, as we have in the past. For the next two weeks, stars from the world of entertainment, politics, and more will drop by to make their picks for the big game in the Pink Taco! Up next, it's the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg!

This is dumb, I don't even know what I'm doing here. I certainly never thought of myself as a "celebrity" and I'm not sure why anyone would even care what I think about the Super Bowl. Even I don't care what I think about the game, so why should you? Whatever.

Can you believe that the Post is sending me out there for over a week? What am I supposed to do with myself? Can you imagine something so tedious as to spend media day trying to convince Eli Manning that his favorite cheese can't be Velveeta? Hopefully somebody will have a funny shape shaved into their head, otherwise I might be relegated to writing about actual sports.

I don't even like football. My preferences skew towards more genteel competitions like curling and competitive botany, so I can't tell you who is going to win with any certainty.

The region of New England offers a wide array of artisanal cheeses, and I do enjoy a good Cabot cheddar. So if I'm forced to choose, I guess I'll side with the Patriots.

Woe is me.


JAMMQ said...

I heard Jim Fassel knows his cheeses . . .

Otto Man said...

Dan who?

Does "celebrity" not mean what I think it means?

fallex said...

Competitive botany = Cannabis Cup!