Saturday, January 12, 2008

Holy S--t, Phil! That Other Team Out There Did Something Good!

Jim: Holy shit, Phil! That other team out there, the... (looks at paper) Jaguars, actually did something good! Wasn't expecting that! I thought they'd give up 99 yards on 120 consecutive plays! Is this team from Jacksonville? There are many Negroes in Jacksonville, aren't there? Are there any golf courses in Jacksonville to shield me from that undesirable element of society?

Phil: I dunno, Jeem. They came out and I thought, "WOW! They're FAST!" Then I thought, "WOW! They're STRONG!" Then I thought, "WOW! I kind of look like Jon Voight these days!"

Jim: Well, let's get to the second half. I'm excited to see if this bused-in group of peasants can keep up!


Moof! said...

Phil and Rosanne Barr or Jim and Rosie O'Donnell? You decide.

sides said...

Phil and Jeem are quite popular these days..

Unknown said...

On the money. It was as if Nance just found out Jax had a team.