Monday, August 13, 2007

Vince Young 'Leery' About Picking Self
In Upcoming Fantasy Football Draft

Titans QB Vince Young said in an interview last week that he was "a little bit leery" about selecting himself in the upcoming draft for his fantasy football league.

"I don't know, man," Young told Sporting News Radio's Tim Brando outside the Titans' practice facility last Thursday. "I don't know who I want for my fantasy QB. I'm picking eighth, so I know I'm gonna get stuck with a shitty running back already, so I have to go RB-RB-WR this year. It's crucial that I pick up a good QB and, to be honest, I'm not sure I'm fantasy starter material."

Young, who appears on the cover of the this year's Madden video game, cited that earlier Madden cover athletes endured poor seasons immediately following their cover appearances.

"I had Shaun Alexander last year and he killed my whole damn fantasy season. And if I pick myself and I get injured, that means one thing: I'll have to pick up another fantasy QB from waivers."

Young noted his own fantasy production from last season as another deterrent for selecting himself this week.

"We get six points for passing touchdowns in this league, but I seem to get more rushing TDs than passing TDs for some reason. I read in my Fantasy Maniacs magazine that I lost my top receiver last year, and that's really made me think."

The 12-team fantasy football league, sponsored by businesses based throughout the state of Tennessee, will pay out a $10,000 first prize to a charity designated by the winner. Young has already mentioned how badly he wants to turn that prize over to his charity, the Scramble From The Pocket For The Cure Foundation, to benefit cancer research.

"That Kitna guy did alright last year. I could take him. I had Jake Delhomme and Philip Rivers last year, and those guys didn't put up good numbers, but I think they're better fantasy QBs than me. At least they have some weapons on their teams. Rivers has Antonio Gates, the No. 1 fantasy TE. I tried to talk to [Titans RB] LenDale [White] about how I don't have any quality offensive weapons on my team, but he didn't seem interested. He probably doesn't do fantasy."

Young plans to pick his No. 1 fantasy QB at or around the 6th round, "before somebody starts a run and I get stuck with Chad Pennington or some shit. I also want to draft my defense and kicker in the last two rounds. It's too bad Kenny Irons got hurt; he was one of my sleepers this year. Just think, with a good draft, I can win my fantasy Super Bowl and that big $10,000 prize. That's my goal this year. Plus I think I get a T-shirt, too."

"How awesome would that be? Me wearing my Fantasy Football Champs T-shirt to practice in the last week of the season. Man, I just know the guys would be so jealous of me and all the hard work I put in to winning my fantasy league. It's too bad they'll never know that feeling, the feeling of being a fantasy football champion."

"I might get the Colts defense, too. Just in case..."


Anonymous said...

So he's saying that Roydell Williams and Brandon Jones aren't the next Harrison/Wayne combo?

flubby said...

"I might get the Colts defense, too. Just in case..."

Justin Case? I have him projected as a 6th round pick.

Anonymous said...

hell, i might just have to draft kerry "tom" collins.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. It's the most candid I've ever heard an NFL guy talk about fantasy football. Even the guys who say they play, don't really name names. VY is talking like a typical fantasy football guy; not like an NFL QB.

I'm sure he means well, but shit, he's calling guys like Chad Pennington shitty.

Pennington was probably the right guy to pick on. His arm strength is obviously weak, meaning his punches probably don't hurt.

JT said...

This is satire people. VY would pick VY. Didn't you see the last paragraph? He would pick the Colts D? He shredded the Colts D.

Anonymous said...

And here I was thinking people could curse on talk radio.

Bob Loblaw said...

haha vince young is great.. really enjoyed this shit.. its hilarious how he says at the end that his goal for this season is to win his fantasy super bowl and them 10 stacks to his charity... good to know kid has his priorities straight... ;)

swing4 said...

Good work, Punter.

el_hombre said...

I hope Sports Illustrated doesn't think that VY actually said this.

Josh Drimmer said...

this is a little too well-written for a blog piece; onion sports tries (and sometimes succeeds) at doing what this does. nicely done.

but I still want more crackers for fitty, yo.