Monday, July 3, 2006

Michael Strahan's Outlook Calendar

Don't you hate it when your wife tells everyone you're gay? What if you really were? As far as Giants defensive end Michael Strahan goes, we all thought his wife had thrown him out of the closet during their divorce proceedings. But after all the ado, those original claims of forbidden love were unsubstantaited.

As if the silence wasn't deafening enough, the coup-de-grace was delivered over the weekend when Strahan's attorney, Robert Penza, delivered a personal email to your humble blogger regarding said non-gayness:

Mr. Punter,

This evidence should "exonerate" my client. See attached.


His attorney's choice of words notwithstanding, I did see attached. And it was, in fact, a page from Strahan's Microsoft Outlook calendar. And, as a public service, I release it to you. One can find references to Strahan's alleged lover, Dr. Ian Smith, and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Jean. So, let the truth be heard! Or, um, read. (Click image to enlarge).

There you have it. Mr. Strahan isn't gay. He's just...really busy.

We're off for the 4th. See you Wednesday.


Matthew Timmons said...

Wow. I feel dirty after reading that.

Matthew Timmons said...
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Mr. B. said...

I know for a fact that list is wrong, because on the 23rd, Mike and I were taking pictures of interesting doors and gates at 2:00.

bizzo5000 said...

He's still Tom Arnold's bitch.

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys sure like gay people. So far.

Mr. B. said...

And yet, Cliffx, you keep showing up. Hmm, I smell repression. And hot, dirty, man on man sex. But mostly repression.

Dogburt said...

Love the Deadspin shout-out. So subtle, so clever.