Monday, February 4, 2008

The Last Post Before We Decide We Hate the Giants and Their Fans

See? Giants fans embrace their ugly stereotypes. That's why we like them so much more than Patriots fans. That is, at least for another few days, until their gloating gets old and we wish them all dead.


SDW said...

"You wonderful, golden champions. You must try harder."

Brilliance, thy name is Carl.

ben said...

Dear God, this is beautiful.

Chris Mueller said...

Best part is that the Fathead is of Tiki.

Otto Man said...

I will now refer to him only as Bill Belisecondplace.

Wormfather said...


But, but, but this was supposed to be a formality.

/patriots fan

dead account said...

"Hello International Buddy,"

uhhh... hello.

/canadians can't watch adult swim vids

SlideShow Bob said...

Wow whats my Dad doing with a video? Also i wonder who the Mooninites root for.

BEHM777 said...

I hate the Giants again already. NY/NJ Giants=used condom. They served their purpose, now it is time for them and their fans to get flushed.

chalovesmonkeys said...

'Hello International Buddy'

Adult Swim won't let silly English people watch vids either.

Sad face.