Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just Taking It One Dog Year At a Time

You don't know what it's meant to have you in my life, girl. There were times there when I looked at this frayed coat of mine, these puncture wounds on my face and torso, and I didn't think anyone would be capable of loving me.

The things I saw there, at Bad Newz, that's some shit you can't unsee.

I've found peace here at Best Friends. A peace I never knew possible. My life up to this point was consumed with ugly destruction from fights and uglier creation from the rape stand. Here, the walkies are tremendous and when I hump your leg, it's mind-blowing, baby. It's love.


Whew. I'm sorry to do's, it's just a real downer, man. I can't take it sometimes. It's, like, the only others I can relate to are the other 46 who survived that place. You can try to understand, but unless you were there, I just don't think it's possible. I can't quite put it into barks. That's just the bond I have with them. It's different with you, but it's no less special.


Wwwhhhaa. Okay, whatever it is, just write it down and slip the note under my paw. It's okay. It's okay. We cool. We cool. Can you just hand me that milkbone? No, that one over there. Yeah, I know I don't have any teeth anymore. I just like to gum it a little.

Yeah. That's it. Oh yeah. It's gonna be aaaaaaalllllllllllllright.


Otto Man said...

I read that article this morning too. Unfuckingbelievable.

I really hope one of Mike Vick's new friends in prison follows Vick's lead, knocking out all of Vick's teeth so there isn't any biting when they mate either.

The Big Loganski said...

Hopefully, the Sisters find Vick in the prison's theater projector room.

Shaun Murray said...

Those dogs are so pretty too, it's terrible what they were put through.

MyBoysAreMyLife said...

I wish for a few things:

1. Johan to the Mets - Check
2. Giants Win SB - (crosses finger and prays to Vishnu)
3. After the SB, Osi somehow winds up in the same jail as Vick and SHITS IN HIS FUCKING MOUTH!!

dickey simpkins said...


I hope you covered all incarnations as well.

dickey simpkins said...

Pretty sure that comment won't be around for long.

dlchambers said...

A million bucks to look after 47 dogs? $20,000 per dog? Someone's laughing all the way to the bank.

Christmas Ape said...

The majority of that is on Vick's dime.

Constant Gardener said...

The sad thing is that the care will cost more than $20,000 a dog, between the medical issues and behavioral needs. These dogs will need years of treatment.

God, this makes me so angry.